“Miley Cyrus” Got a New Word Which Was Added in……”Oxford Dictionary”


Start Searching For New  Words….!Even You Can Also Make It Happen. To Get Published In “OXFORD DICTIONARY”

The Old year has gone and the new one is upon us. And there is a deep desire among some people to banish some phrases from their dictionary this year. It has been named ‘Word of the Year’ by The Oxford Dictionary but even those who use social networking sites say ‘selfie’ (a photography taken of and by oneself to be uploaded on a social media site) is on everyone’s nerves. YOLO (you only live once) and hashtags, again popularised by social media sites are receiving much flak. “These aren’t words you say out loud,” says collegian Rohit D’ Souza who adds, “Instagram sure is a popular app but people who constantly post picyures of their food on Facebook and Twitter really annoy me. Foodstagramming must be banned and so should the words Photobomb and Throwback Thursday. Also, I don’t get why people use ‘random’ so loosely. On Facebook, every other person has an album titled random.”

In every area there are words that were popular in 2013 that people would like to discard. As far as the dance/music snse goes thanks to Miley Cirus, the word ‘twerk; though added to the Oxford Dictionary, is among those words people across the world would love banished this year.

Milan Vohra, advertising professional and author of Tick-tock we’re 30, says: “If there is one word I’m severly allergic to. it is ‘awesome’ . It is one word cliche that is used much too generically. It shows a person is just a plain lazy or lacks the vocabulary to find a more appropriate word. ‘Anyways’, ‘like totally’ and ‘isn’t that the sweetest?’ are other phrases I detest.”

She adds: ‘Phrases such as ‘return back’, ‘revert back’, ‘free gift’, ‘advance planning’, alternate choices’ and ‘end result’ should also be banned. Ditto for overused corporate jargon such as ‘going forward’, ‘paradigm shift’, ‘game changer’, ‘having said that’, ‘It’s a no-brainer’, ‘win-win’, ‘all things considered’, or ‘at the end of the day’. As for people who says things like this ‘let’s think out of the box ‘, I wish I would tape up their mouths and say ‘can we just think first, never mind if It’s inside or outside the box!”

In the realm of food, Jeeva George, founder of JeevaGlutenfreeliv.in says: ‘We’ve had an overdose of ‘health food’, ‘sugar free’, ‘high fibre’ and ‘organic’. Words such as ‘health food’ and ‘high fibre’ are misleading because health food defination are relative. A celiac cannot have high-fibre granola or oats nor can an autistic kid so have so called health drinks.”

According to Jeswin Chacko, chef of a stanalone restaurant, “Words such as ‘foodie’, ‘food blogger’, ‘fine dining’, and ‘molecular gastronomy’ have been used a lot in 2013 and a good reason not to use them as much this year is because they are almost always used out of context.”

On the fashion circuit, designers are weary of people calling everything couture. ” Not every designer is a couturier!” Says stylist Asma Sunher. “I hate the word ‘hi-fashion’.”

And while we try to refrain from using the words , 12 months from now, there will definitely be a new list for what else should be shown the door.


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