Trash Dove….What the hell ?

Trash Dove, a little cartoon bird that has begun taking over Facebook. It comes from a sticker set made by the artist Syd Weiler, an adobe creative resident. It was initially created for the iOS10 sticker store, and was released on Facebook at the end of January. Now this has become internet obsession. This dove could also be used as emojis and netizens have been spamming people’s Facebook timelines with the head banging bird. Trash Dove is a Facebook sticker which has spread like wildfire over the internet, mainly in Asia.

In Thailand, the Thai word for bird is nok, which also means a person who is suffering from unrequited love or who is hopelessly single and alone, according to Daily Dot.


It first made an appearance through Syd’s regular livestreams, where she created a series of works from scratch live on the internet. Trash Doves was one of them, and her fans loved it so much that she submitted the designs for consideration to be made into Facebook stickers – which they eventually came to be at the start of February. They were released to little fanfare, really, but that soon changed as the people of Thailand took the first steps into elevating the humble Trash Dove into meme heaven.

Below is the Syd weiler pic she is in twitter, you can follow her if you want to.



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