Brilliant Man who saved millions of kids Life

How many of know about Blue Baby Syndrome. As I  was trying to find some good Biographies to watch, somehow I ended up knowing about Vivien Thomas. There is a movie named Something the Lord Made. Its an awesome story about how this vivien found out a solution for blue baby syndrome. He was born in a carpenter family, interested in studying medicine. He was joined as a lab assistant to Dr. Alfred Blalock. Alfred was a professor in Vanderbilt University. Prof, Blalock was fascinated by his in depth knowledge of science. He wanted to work with him. Vivien started working with Blalock because he saved some money for pursuing his career in medicine after working with Blalock.

Vivien Thomas

One day he came to know that this bank( where he saved all his money for his education) was bankrupted by some reason, all his dreams was shattered. After few days he went to John Hopkins Institute with prof. Blalock for some work. Where prof. Blalock came to know about this problem of Blue Baby, which they are facing in the hospital. Blalock was a cardiologist, as he was doing extensive research on heart of dog. Then he studied the issue and performed along with Vivien. Vivien was the one who really helped Blalock to find out the solutions and this has became a history during that year when they got succeeded on this major operation. This was the first surgery performed on heart at John Hopkins Institute. Later Viven became a Director of Laboratory at John Hopkins Institute.

You gotta watch this movie, It’s awesome aspiring true story of a carpenter son carpenter became hero for saving life of millions of babies.


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