Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I’m Tangudu Avinash.

As Albert Einstein once said that ” The only source of knowledge is experience” I do believe in this statement. There was a days, when we use to gain knowledge from our real life experiences. But now days are changed, we can even learn from others, which they share in social media or in their blogs.  As the entire humans has become so busy in 21st century that Intenet has become only source of knowledge. If you see there are so many blogs,personal sites, social media platforms and video sharing tools has become a trend in this dot com era, whic you can get at your finger tips. There were days when our grandfather/mother use to tell us a story, But now you can watch the same story in youtube .

So here is my blog. If you really find that my blog has interesting posts, than you can follow my blog…..:)

” Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened



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